Monte S. Nyman, Charles D. Tate Jr.

This ninth volume is the final volume in the Book of Mormon Symposia Series. In October 1985, under the direction of the late Professor Paul R. Cheesman, a general symposium on the Book of Mormon was held on the Brigham Young University Campus. Selected papers from that symposium were published in The Book of Mormon: The Keystone Scripture, the first one of this series. It contained the following papers in order of appearance:

The Challenge of the Book of Mormon, Daniel H. Ludlow

What the Book of Mormon Tells Us about Jesus Christ, Robert J. Matthews

The Ministry of the Father and the Son, Robert L. Millet

A Comparison of Book of Mormon, Bible, and Traditional Teachings on the Doctrines of Salvation, Joseph F. McConkie

The Beginnings of Christianity in the Book of Mormon, Kent P. Jackson

The Three Nephite Churches of Christ, Rodney Turner

Fasting in the Book of Mormon and the Bible, Stephen D. Ricks

Faith, Hope, Charity, Larry E. Dahl

Love in the Book of Mormon, Gayle O. Brown

Before Columbus, George F. Carter

Categories of Evidence for Old World Contacts with Ancient America, Norman Totten

Cultural Parallels between the Old World and the New World, Paul R. Cheesman

The Bering Strait and American Indian Origins, James R. Christianson

Book of Mormon—Transmission from Translator to Printed Text, George A. Horton, Jr.

“Lest Ye Become As the Nephites of Old,” Susan Black

Professor Cheesman retired after that first symposium and Professor Monte S. Nyman was made director of the Book of Mormon area of the Religious Studies Center, and he proposed continuing the symposia by going through the Book of Mormon in sections. Consequently, the second symposium was held in October 1986 and the subject was the book of 1 Nephi. The following selected papers were published in the second volume of the series, in First Nephi, The Doctrinal Foundation:

The Book of Mormon: A Great Answer to “The Great Question,” Elder Neal A. Maxwell

The Title Page, Daniel H. Ludlow

The Calling of a Prophet, John W. Welch

Father Lehi, H. Donl Peterson

Lehi and Nephi: Faith unto Salvation, Monte S. Nyman

The Prophet Nephi, Rodney Turner

The Book of Mormon Plates, Rex C. Reeve, Jr.

“Behold, I Have Dreamed a Dream,” Susan Easton Black

Stela 5, Izapa: A Layman’s Consideration of the Tree of Life Stone, Alan K. Parrish

The Mysteries of God Revealed by the Power of the Holy Ghost, Gerald N. Lund

Another Testament of Jesus Christ, Robert L. Millet

Early Christianity and 1 Nephi 13–14, Stephen E. Robinson

Establishing the Truth of the Bible, Robert J. Matthews

A Land of Promise, Choice Above All Other Lands, Philip M. Flammer

From Small Means the Lord Brings About Great Things, Clark V. Johnson

Lehi’s Journeys, Paul R. Cheesman

Transoceanic Crossings, John L. Sorenson

The Prophecies of the Prophets, Robert E. Parsons

Textual Evidences for the Book of Mormon, Paul Y. Hoskisson

B. H. Roberts: The Book of Mormon and the Atonement, Truman G. Madsen

Conclusion and Charge, Jeffrey R. Holland

The third symposium was held in October 1987 and the papers in volume 3, Second Nephi, The Doctrinal Structure, were as follows:

Free Agency and Freedom, Elder Dallin H. Oaks

Come to Understanding and Learn Doctrine, Monte S. Nyman

Lehi and the Covenant of the Promised Land: A Modern Appraisal, Alan K. Parrish

Lehi’s Last Will and Testament: A Legal Approach to 2 Nephi 1–4, John W. Welch

The Fall of Man and His Redemption, Gerald N. Lund

Lehi on God’s Law and an Opposition in All Things, A. D. Sorensen

The Lamanite Mark, Rodney Turner

God Will Fulfill His Covenants with the House of Israel, Leland Gentry

The Atonement of Jesus Christ: 2 Nephi 9, Robert J. Matthews

The Name Jesus Christ Revealed to the Nephites, Edward J. Brandt

The Influence of the Brass Plates on the Teachings of Nephi, Robert L. Millet

Nephi, Isaiah, and the Latter-Day Restoration, S. Brent Farley

The Message to the Jews with Special Emphasis on 2 Nephi 25, Daniel H. Ludlow

We Labor Diligently to Persuade Our Children to Believe in Christ: 2 Nephi 25:21 to 26:11, Rex C. Reeve, Jr.

Nephi’s Message to the “Gentiles,” S. Michael Wilcox

The Enemies of Christ: 2 Nephi 28, Dennis L. Largey

The Law of Witnesses in 2 Nephi, Bruce A. Van Orden

Insights from the Early Years: 2 Nephi 28–30, Grant R. Underwood

Some Key Ingredients for Finding and Understanding the Truth in Science and Religion, Alvin K. Benson

The Doctrine of Christ: 2 Nephi 31–32, Larry E. Dahl

Nephi’s Farewell, H. Dean Garrett

The “Expanded” Book of Mormon? Stephen E. Robinson

In 1988 the fourth symposium covered Jacob through the Words of Mormon in the following papers:

“The Law and the Light,” Elder Boyd K. Packer

Jacob: Prophet, Theologian, Historian, Robert J. Matthews

“I Speak Somewhat Concerning That Which I Have Written,” Cheryl Brown

“We Did Magnify Our Office unto the Lord,” Richard O. Cowan

Botanical Comparisons in the Allegory of the Olive Tree, Wilford M. Hess

The Religion of Moses and the Book of Mormon, Lauri Hlavaty

Prophetic Decree and Ancient Histories Tell the Story of America, Clark V. Johnson

Enos: His Mission and His Message, Dennis L. Largey

The Testimony of Christ Through the Ages, Joseph Fielding McConkie

Sherem the Anti-Christ, Robert L. Millet

To Learn with Joy: Sacred Preaching, Great Revelation, Prophesying, Monte S. Nyman

The Small Plates of Nephi and the Words of Mormon, Eldin Ricks

Pride and Riches, Chauncey C. Riddle

Enos and the Words Concerning Eternal Life, David R. Seely

Literary Reflections on Jacob and His Descendants, John S. Tanner

Morality and Marriage in the Book of Mormon, Rodney Turner

The Testimony of Amaleki, Gary R. Whiting

Volume 5. Since the Annual Sidney B. Sperry Symposium covers the scripture to be studied in the Gospel Doctrine Sunday School classes in the Church, their director asked the Book of Mormon Symposium Committee to allow that his symposium be held in October and that ours be held in February. Consequently our fifth symposium, on the subject of the book of Mosiah, was held in February 1990. The following papers from that symposium were published:

“The Children of Christ,” Elder Neal A. Maxwell

What Parents Should Teach Their Children from the Book of Mosiah, Kenneth W. Anderson

King Benjamin: In the Service of Your God, Susan Easton Black

Benjamin and Noah: The Principle of Dominion, Lee L. Donaldson

Lessons from the Zarahemla Churches, Dennis L. Largey

Divine Indebtedness and the Atonement, Gerald N. Lund

Abinadi: The Prophet and Martyr, Robert J. Matthews

Government by the Voice of the People: A Witness and a Warning, Byron R. Merrill

The Natural Man: An Enemy to God, Robert L. Millet

Abinadi’s Commentary on Isaiah, Monte S. Nyman

Priesthood in Mosiah, Daniel C. Peterson

Church Discipline in the Book of Mosiah, H. Donl Peterson

For the Sake of Retaining a Remission of Your Sins, W. Ralph Pew

Spiritual Rebirth, S. Michael Wilcox

Deliverance from Bondage, Clyde J. Williams

Volume 6, Alma, The Testimony of the Word, contains the following papers:

Likening the Scriptures unto Us, Elder Dean L. Larsen

Dealing with Opposition to the Church, Rex C. Reeve, Jr.

“A Mighty Change,” C. Max Caldwell

The Probationary Nature of Mortality, Robert J. Matthews

The Holy Order of God, Robert L. Millet

Instruments in the Hands of God: The Message of Alma 17–27, Clyde J. Williams

An Anti-Christ in the Book of Mormon-The Face May Be Strange, But the Voice Is Familiar, Gerald N. Lund

Seeds of Faith: A Follower’s View of Alma 32, Elaine Shaw Sorensen

Alma’s Conversion: Reminiscences in His Sermons, S. Kent Brown

The Three Most Abominable Sins, H. Dean Garrett

The State of the Soul Between Death and the Resurrection, Monte S. Nyman

A New Meaning of “Restoration”: The Book of Mormon on Life After Death, Richard O. Cowan

The Law of Justice and the Law of Mercy, H. Donl Peterson

The Captain and the Covenant, Thomas R. Valletta

Hagoth and the Polynesians, Robert E. Parsons

The Book of Alma as a Prototype for Teaching the Word of God, Gerald Hansen, Jr.

Teaching in Black and White: Antithetic Parallel Structure in the Book of Alma, Its Form and Function, Donald W. Parry

Nephi’s Freedom Thesis and the Sons of Helaman, K. Douglas Bassett

The Record of Alma: A Prophetic Pattern of the Principles Governing Testimony, Fred E. Woods

The next volume covered Helaman through 3 Nephi 8 with the following papers:

Jesus the Christ—Our Master and More, Elder Russell M. Nelson

The Only Sure Foundation: Building on the Rock of Our Redeemer, Robert L. Millet

The Promised Land and Its Covenant Peoples, Douglas Brinley

Patterns of Apostasy in the Book of Helaman, Robert J. Matthews

The Decline of the Nephites: Rejection of the Covenant and Word of God, John L. Fowles

They Did Remember His Words, Brett P. Thomas

Nephi’s Ultimate Encounter with Deity: Some Thoughts on Helaman 10, Andrew C. Skinner

Mormon’s Philosophy of History: Helaman 12 in the Perspective of

Mormon’s Editing Procedure, Thomas W. Mackay

The Restoration of Plain and Precious Parts: The Book of Helaman, Monte S. Nyman

The Terrifying Book of Helaman, Gerald Hansen, Jr.

Prophets and Perplexity: The Book of Helaman as a Case Study, R. Wayne Shute and Wayne E. Brickey

Days of Wickedness and Vengeance: Analysis of 3 Nephi 6 and 7, Chauncey C. Riddle

“Yield Your Heart to God”-the Process of Sanctification, W. Ralph Pew

Nephite Trade Networks and the Dangers of a Class Society, Allen J. Christenson

Leitworter in Helaman and 3 Nephi, Ronald D. Anderson

The Lamanites—A More Accurate Image, Richard O. Cowan

Secret Covenant Teachings of Men and the Devil in Helaman through 3 Nephi 8, Victor L. Ludlow

The eighth volume covered the rest of 3 Nephi chapters 9–30:

“This Is My Gospel,” Robert L. Millet

Jesus the Savior in 3 Nephi, Robert J. Matthews

The Designations Jesus Gives Himself in 3 Nephi, Monte S. Nyman

Geological Upheaval and Darkness in 3 Nephi 8–10, Alvin K. Benson

Repentance: The Gift of Love, Mae Blanch

Moses and Jesus: The Old Adorns the New, S. Kent Brown

The Commandment to Be Perfect, Gary R. Whiting

The Savior’s Missionary Training Sermon in 3 Nephi, Robert A. Cloward

“Pray Always”: Learning to Pray as Jesus Prayed, Donald W. Parry

The Twelve: A Light unto This People, Kenneth W. Anderson

The Doctrine of a Covenant People, Joseph Fielding McConkie

One by One: The Fifth Gospel’s Model of Service, Richard Neitzel Holzapfel

The Symbolic Unity of Christ’s Ministry in 3 Nephi, Neal E. Lambert

Gathering to the Temple: Teachings of the Second Day, Gerald Hansen Jr.

The Church Shall Bear My Name and Be Built upon My Gospel, Richard O. Cowan

The Three Nephites and the Doctrine of Translation, Clyde J. Williams

This final volume covers 4 Nephi through Moroni 10. There were 36 papers presented, and the referees selected the following papers:

Alive in Christ: The Salvation of Little Children, Robert L. Millet

The Mission of Jesus Christ—Ether 3 and 4, Robert J. Matthews

“The Knowledge Hid Up Because of Unbelief,” Kenneth W. Anderson

The Jaredites—A Case Study in Following the Brethen, Douglas E. Brinley

The “Author” and the “Finisher” of the Book of Mormon, John M. Butler

The Plates of Ether and the Covenant of the Book of Mormon, Lee L. Donaldson

Light in Our Vessels: Faith, Hope, and Charity, H. Dean Garrett

Preparing for the Judgment, Gerald Hansen Jr.

Mormon and Moroni: Father and Son, Gary Layne Hatch

Mormon, the Man and the Message, Richard Neitzel Holzapfel

The Spirit of Christ: A Light amidst the Darkness, Daniel K Judd

Jaredite Zion Societies: Hope for a Better World, Frank F. Judd Jr.

Ether and Mormon: Parallel Prophets of Warning and Witness, E. Dale LeBaron

There Was No Contention, Byron R. Merrill

Gathering in the last Days: Saved in Sheaves, Burned in Bundles, Michael W. Middleton

The Judgment Seat of Christ, Monte S. Nyman

Zion Zion Zion: Key to Understanding Ether 13, Jeff O’Driscoll

Moroni, the Last of the Nephite Prophets, H. Donl Peterson

“Weak Things Made Strong,” Carolyn J. Rasmus

Unity through the Power of Charity, Alvin C. Rencher

Moroni 9–10: Remember How Merciful the Lord Hath Been,” Bruce K. Satterfield

Zion Gained and Lost: Fourth Nephi as the Quintessential Model, Andrew C. Skinner

Jared and His Brother, Thomas R. Valletta

Preach the Gospel to Every Creature, Bruce A. Van Orden

The Socioeconomics of Zion, Warner P. Woodworth

As the general editors of the last eight volumes of the Book of Mormon Symposium series, we thank our many participants for their willingness to study the text, and write the papers, and come to the BYU campus, and present them at our annual symposia. We also thank those who participated, but whose papers were not selected by our referees for inclusion in a volume. We appreciate the various referees who have carefully read and evaluated the manuscripts. A special thanks to Lillian Wilbur, Barbara Crawley, Charlotte Pollard, and many part-time editorial assistants for their untiring efforts to bring about the publication of these volumes.

The great lesson we have observed from these symposia is that there is much more in the Book of Mormon than can be gleaned from a casual reading. The Book of Mormon opens its treasures to those who diligently study it in thoughtfulness and with the Spirit. It remains our testimony that it is a true book of scripture for all humankind to learn God’s plan from.