John Davis Publications

John Davis Publications

D1. Anti-Mormon sermon

D2. Observations on a sermon

D3. Prove all things

D4. Account of the Saints’ emigration

D5. The gospel (French)

D6. The spiritual gifts

D7. Baptism

D8. Observations on that which is in part—perfect

D9. Sound doctrine

D10. Preaching to the spirits in prison

D11. The way of eternal life

D12. Go, and teach

D13. The body of Christ

D14. Conversations

D15. Directions to the emigrants

D16. Three letters from Capt. D. Jones

D17. Treatise on miracles

D18. Letter from Capt. D. Jones

D19. Books of the Latter-day Saints

D20. Review of the treatise of W. Jones

D21. Treatises on miracles