Dan Jones Publications

Dan Jones Publications

J1. The dead raised to life!

J2. Proclamation of the Twelve Apostles

J3. Reply to the objections

J4. The scales

J5. What is Mormonism?

J6. Defense of the Saints—Thomas Jones

J7. What is the gospel?

J8. False prophets

J9. Defense of the Saints—Cuckoo

J10. “Haman” hanging from his own gallows!

J11. Proofs—Book of Mormon

J12. History of the Latter-day Saints

J13. A review of the lectures of the Rev. E. Roberts

J14. A review of the last lecture

J15. Treatise—who is the God of the Saints

J16. Debate between a Baptist and an atheist

J17. Atheism of sectarianism!

J18. The dead alive, or the ancient religion anew

J19. Proclaimation to priests

J20. Defense of the Saints—Rees Davies

J21. Invitation!

J22. “Do not listen to them”

J23. What is “Mormonism”?

J24. Irrefutable proofs—“Spaulding Romance”

J25. What is “saving grace”?

J26. Lectures to be delivered

J27. The guide to Zion

J28. Assassination of Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith!

J29. Was it God who sent Joseph Smith?

J30. The unpopularity of “Mormonism”?

J31. The “thief on the cross”

J32. Parable of the tree—nine kinds of fruit!

J33. Picture of the religious world

J34. The Book of Mormon—first treatise

J35. The Book of Mormon—second treatise