Priesthood and Relief Society

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Priesthood and Relief Society

Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Howard W. Hunter


Chapter 1

Jesus Christ—Our Only Way to Ho​pe and Joy

Finding Joy in the Gospel

The Spirit of Christ: A Light amidst the Darkness

Chapter 2

“My Peace I Give unto You”

Simon and the Woman Who Anointed Jesus’s Feet

The Spirit of Christ: A Light amidst the Darkness

Chapter 3

Adversity—Part of God’s Plan for Our Eternal Progress

Adversity: The Refiner’s Fire

Grim Lessons from a Torrent of Flames in California

Enduring It Well (D&C 121:8)

Chapter 4

Help from on High


“Pray Always” (D&C 19:38)

Chapter 5

Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration

The Restoration of All Things: What the Doctrine and Covenants Says

Truth Restored

“Millions Shall Know ‘Brother Joseph’ Again”: Witnesses of the Prophet’s Divine Role and Mission

Chapter 6

The Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Atonement Further Revealed: Truths from the Joseph Smith Translation

The Atonement of Jesus Christ: 2 Nephi 9

The Atonement and the Resurrection

Chapter 7

Continuous Revelation through Living Prophets

Living Scriptures from a Living God through Living Prophets and for a Living Church

Chapter 8

Taking the Gospel to All the World

“Unto the Convincing of Men”: Teaching with Power in Missionary Work

Faith and Hope: Qualities of a Successful Missionary

Chapter 9

The Law of Tithing

The Laws of Consecration, Stewardship, and Tithing

Chapter 10

The Scriptures—The Most Profitable of All Study

The Journey of Lifelong Learning

The “How” of Scriptural Study

Scriptural Conversion Factors

Chapter 11

True Greatness

From Small Means the Lord Brings about Great Things

Living a Life in Crescendo

Chapter 12

Come Back and Feast at the Table of the Lord

Holy Habits and Righteous Routines

Chapter 13

The Temple—The Great Symbol of Our Membership

What Is a Temple?

Latter-day Saint Temple Worship and Activity

Spiritual Blessings

Chapter 14

Hastening Family History and Temple Work

Family History: An Interview with Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Consider Your Ways: The Book of Haggai and the Responsibilities of Temple Work

Chapter 15

The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper

Covenant Renewal: Seeking a Greater Portion of the Spirit through the Sacrament

Covenants, Sacraments, and Vows: The Active Pathway to Mercy

Chapter 16

Marriage—An Eternal Partnership

Comprehending the Character of God: A Key to Successful Relationships

Dating and Marriage

Paul’s Inspired Teachings on Marriage

Marriage and Treaty in the Book of Mormon: The Case of the Abducted Lamanite Daughters

Chapter 17

Preserve and Protect the Family

Marriage and Family Relationships—The Lord’s Way

Family Life

Chapter 18

We Believe in Being Honest

Lessons from the Lamb of God

Ethical Behavior and Prosperity

Chapter 19

Our Commitment to God

Sabbath Sanctification: A Tithing of Our Time, an Offering unto the Lord

Patterns of Obedience

Chapter 20

Walking the Savior’s Path of Charity

What Love Is Love but God’s? A Case for Charity

Unity through the Power of Charity

Chapter 21

Faith and Testimony

The Power of Faith That Comes through Sacrifice

The Faith of a Prophet: Brigham Young’s Life and Service—A Pattern of Applied Faith

Chapter 22

Teaching the Gospel

Helping Students Understand Divine Truth

Helping Students Understand the Principles of Personal Revelation

Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn

Chapter 23

“No Less Serviceable”

Holy Habits and Righteous Routines

“All Are Alike unto God”: Equality and Charity in the Book of Mormon

Chapter 24

Following the Example of Jesus Christ

“Bound Together in the Cords of Everlasting Love”: Forging Bonds between Leader and Follower