The Eternal Family (REL C 200) - Recommended Readings

The Eternal Family and the Nature of God

The Plan of Salvation and the Eternal Family

Jesus Christ—The Sure Foundation of Eternal Family

The Roles of Prophets, Seers, and Revelators in the Teaching of the Eternal Family

Gender Is an Essential Characteristic

Eternal Covenants and Ordinances

Dating and Courtship

  • Bruce A. Chadwick, Brent L. Top, and Richard J. McClendon, “Dating and Marriage,” in Shield of Faith: The Power of Religion in the Lives of LDS Youth and Young Adults (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, 2010), 219–46,

The True Nature of Love

The Law of Chastity

Intimacy in Marriage

Sanctity of Life

Principles of Happiness in Family Life

By Divine Design—Partnership in Marriage

Parenting Principles

Providing for Temporal Needs

Promoting and Defending the Family