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BYU Religious Education Dean’s Award to Richard E. Bennett

On 11 March 2016, Richard E. Bennett received the Religious Education Dean’s Award. Bennett has demonstrated through the years his deep commitment to student learning. His student-mentoring efforts over the last two decades have strengthened the academic preparation and personal conversion of undergraduate and graduate students at BYU. Two student-centered initiatives in Religious Education that

Joseph and Hyrum Smith

Guest blog by Richard E. Bennett, professor of Church history and doctrine. The success of the Protestant Reformation owes everything to the translation and printing of a book. Surely the efforts of such early martyrs as John Wycliffe and of later reformers such as William Tyndale and Martin Luther to print and disseminate the Holy Bible

Wow! Ten Years!

We are now in our tenth year of publishing the Religious Educator (TRE). When Robert L. Millet (then dean of Religious Education at BYU) asked me to take the lead in this new venture, it forced me to think about the niche TRE might fill. Over the years, I found that it was important to