Jared_Ludlow_2010On 11 March 2016, Jared W. Ludlow received the Harvey B. and Susan Easton Black Outstanding Publication Award (Gospel Scholarship in Ancient Scripture). His 2015 BYU Studies Quarterly article is titled “A Narrative Approach to the Joseph Smith Translation of the Synoptic Gospels.” Just when you think nothing is new under the sun for the Joseph Smith Translation, Dr. Ludlow’s article reminds us that there is still new ground to be plowed. His fascinating article compares and examines various passages of scripture from the synoptic Gospels narrative with the JST narratorial changes in the synoptic Gospels. Dr. Ludlow’s comparisons between the two texts suggest that, because the Gospels are religious texts, the JST narrative changes of characters, settings, and plot have not only narrative implications but often theological ones as well. In essence, Dr. Ludlow is attempting to answer the question of why Joseph Smith made the changes he did to the Bible. This article is valuable to all who teach, research and write about the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible and the synoptic Gospels.