By R. Devan Jensen
Executive Editor at the Religious Studies Center

The RSC and Maxwell Institute editors forged a publishing partnership in September to consolidate the two production teams. Let’s look at what the combined team has accomplished so far.

First, the RSC welcomed managing editor Don Brugger and senior editor Shirley Ricks, who, along with executive editor Devan Jensen, report to publications director Thomas Wayment and work closely with production supervisor Brent Nordgren and publication coordinator Joany Pinegar. The combined team has completed a staggering twenty-one projects since September!


  • Matthew J. Grow and R. Eric Smith, eds., The Council of Fifty: What the Records Reveal about Mormon History
  • Aaron P. Schade, Brian M. Hauglid, and Kerry Muhlestein, eds., Prophets and Prophecies of the Old Testament (46th Annual Sidney B. Sperry Symposium)
  • John Gee, An Introduction to the Book of Abraham
  • Roy A. Prete and Carma T. Prete, eds., Canadian Mormons: History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Canada
  • RoseAnn Benson, Alexander Campbell and Joseph Smith: Nineteenth-Century Restorationists (BYU Press and Abilene Christian University Press)
  • Ann N. Madsen and Shon D. Hopkin, eds., Opening Isaiah: A Harmony (eBook)
  • 2017 BYU Religious Education Student Symposium
  • Larry E. Dahl and Charles D. Tate Jr., The Lectures on Faith in Historical Perspective (eBook)
  • The Restored Gospel and Applied Christianity, 2017
  • Religious Educator 18, no. 3
  • BYU Religious Education Review, Fall 2017
  • Studia Antiqua (2017)
  • Reid L. Neilson and Wayne D. Crosby, Lengthening Our Stride: Globalization of the Church (forthcoming)
  • Donald G. Godfrey, In Their Footsteps: Mormon Pioneers of Faith (forthcoming)

Maxwell Institute

  • Adam S. Miller, ed., Fleeing the Garden: Reading Genesis 2–3
  • Adam S. Miller, ed., A Dream, a Rock, and a Pillar of Fire: Reading 1 Nephi 1
  • Mormon Studies Review (2018)
  • Spencer Fluhman, Kathleen Flake, and Jed Woodworth, eds., “To Be Learned Is Good”: Essays on Faith and Scholarship in Honor of Richard Lyman Bushman (forthcoming)
  • Adam S. Miller and Joseph M. Spencer, eds., Christ and Antichrist: Reading Jacob 7 (forthcoming)
  • Samir Khalil Samir and Wafik Nasry, trans., The Patriarch and the Caliph: An Eighth-Century Dialogue between Timothy I and al-Mahdī (forthcoming)
  • Adam S. Miller, Letters to a Young Mormon, 2nd edition (forthcoming)


Second, as with any other merger, the two publishers clarified expectations. Work has begun on four other Maxwell Institute projects yet to be announced.

Third, the RSC has approval to hire a designer to help with projects such as the Religious Educator, the BYU Religious Education Review, and our 2018 books:

  • Reid L. Neilson and Wayne D. Crosby, Lengthening Our Stride: Globalization of the Church
  • Donald G. Godfrey, In Their Footsteps: Mormon Pioneers of Faith
  • Shon D. Hopkin, ed., Abinadi: He Came Among Them in Disguise
  • Debra Theobald McClendon and Richard J. McClendon, Commitment to the Covenant: Strengthening the Me, We, and Thee of Marriage
  • Richard O. Cowan, The Los Angeles Temple: Beacon on a Hill
  • Richard E. Bennett, ed., The Journey West: The Mormon Pioneer Journals of Horace K. Whitney with Insights by Helen Mar Kimball Whitney
  • Eric D. Huntsman, Lincoln H. Blumell, and Tyler J. Griffin, eds., Thou Art the Christ: The Person and Work of Jesus in the New Testament (47th Annual Sidney B. Sperry Symposium)
  • LaMond Tullis, Two Martyrs in Mexico: A Mormon Story of Revolution and Redemption
  • Bruce A. Van Orden, “We’ll Sing and We’ll Shout”: The Life and Times of William W. Phelps
  • 2018 Religious Education Student Symposium
  • The Restored Gospel and Applied Christianity, 2018

We are planning to remodel the office to accommodate our new team members. All in all, we are enjoying our partnership and looking ahead to a bright and productive future.