Robert C. Freeman, Selections from the Religious Education Student Symposium 2003 (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 2003), v–vi.


On behalf of Dean Andrew C. Skinner, the Religious Education Student Symposium Committee, and all of the faculty in Religious Education, it is truly a pleasure to congratulate all those whose papers appear in this volume. Brigham Young University is a place where the sacred and the secular come together in a marvelous way. The work of these aspiring young scholars epitomizes this faithful blend of scholarship.

The Religious Education Student Symposium is a celebration of thoughtful student thinking and writing. Since its beginning in 1998, the symposium has involved hundreds of students and benefitted thousands of lives. Professor Richard E. Bennett began the endeavor as a means of showcasing the finest writing and creative works of students on this campus. His successor, Professor Bruce A. Van Orden, continued this vision.

This year’s publication includes work from sixteen remarkable student authors. Each piece represents excellent thought and expression. Each of those whose work is included was honored at an awards banquet held in February 2002. It is important to note that Religious Education is able to fund this contest through a generous endowment from an anonymous donor to whom we are greatly indebted.

We express appreciation to the Religious Studies Center, who provided expert services in bringing this effort to a fruitful conclusion. Particular thanks go to Devan Jensen, Charlotte Pollard, Kathryn L. Chase, Kathryn J. Gille, Rebecca L. McConkie, Rachel Seely, and Philip R. Webb. Finally, thanks to those who served on this year’s committee and to those who served as judges and readers during the contest.

Each year the number of participants in this competition increases, and we remain confident that this trend will continue. To all of those who presented and especially to those whose work is published herein, thank you and congratulations!

Robert C. Freeman

Faculty Chair

Religious Education Student Symposium, 2003