Acknowledgments, in Book of Mormon Authorship: New Light on Ancient Origins, ed. Noel B. Reynolds (Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 1982), ix–x.


I am grateful to BYU Studies for permission to include the following previously published articles. As printed here they include revisions that vary from minor word changes to major rewriting to accommodate subsequent thinking.

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I am pleased to list Charles D. Tate as associate editor of this volume as a means of recognizing the editorial contribution of BYU Studies in preparing five of the enclosed articles for initial publication. I have also appreciated the continual encouragement and support of Professor Tate in this project.

Stacey Burton, Mitchell Edwards and other student assistants here at BYU have helped me with numerous editorial tasks. The bulk of the final typing and correcting has been done by my secretary, Carma Nielsen.

Hap Green of Publishers Press and George Bickerstaff of Bookcraft have been most helpful in preparing the final volume. Inasmuch as the collection is the result of a number of individual efforts, my continuing thanks go to each of the essayists, who have taken this project seriously and made a special effort to be part of it. Their work speaks for itself.

Finally, the project would never have come to completion had it not been for the continuing encouragement and support of my wife, Sydney, and of many friends who have wanted to see the volume completed.

N. B. R.